I have a secret – I don’t hate winter

It seems like everyone I know hates winter. They hate the cold, the dark, the snow, the ice and they love to complain about it. I don’t. I actually sort of like the winter.

Life would be boring if it was summer all the time. I can’t say I have always loved winter but over the past few years I have really come to enjoy it.

Here are my own 5 personal secrets to not hating winter:

  1. Be prepared for winter – If you live anywhere near us, there are some things you are going to need to get to be prepared for winter. I would invest in a shovel or two. I would get a car that doesn’t suck in the snow. I would clean out and stock items in your cupboard in case you get snowed in, you can make a meal at any time. I would recommend inspecting your heating systems so you can avoid problems before it is too late. I would stock up on indoor activities. We have a lot of board games, card games, puzzles and projects around the house so if it is unreasonable to be outside, we have plenty to do inside.
  2. Dress for winter – Sounds like a no brainer but people seem to have a hard time with this one. You can’t wear the same jacket and light sweater you did in the warmer months. Get some kick ass warm winter boots that you love to wear and go stomp around in the snow. Layer up – temps go from cold to warm to hot when you go in and out of establishments like restaurants and work. Be prepared. Have a few layers that you can shed.
  3. Try a few winter only activities – Getting a tan at the beach is out so try to find winter activities that you like. Skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing etc., will get the blood flowing. Moving around in the winter is better than hibernating all season. You can also do a lot of spring/summer/fall activities in the winter, you just have to dress better for them. I had to bulk up my running gear so I can run in the winter. I know plenty of people who still ride their bikes in the winter. You have to cover up and probably can’t do the activities as long but you can still do many of them.
  4. Splurge on things to make your life easier – Not going to lie, our winter’s have been easier with a few key pieces. Many of which we lucked out on when we bought our house. One would have to be the snowblower, it makes clearing the driveway a lot easier. Shoveling does stink. Second, I would say is having a garage so my car doesn’t need to be shoveled off. The last ones I would have to say are the hot tub and the fireplace. They both came with our house but they sure are handy in the winter. I have pretty poor circulation and Raynauds so sometimes I am just cold to the BONE and the only thing that can get the color back in my fingers is a hot tub session. A fire roaring in the fireplace does wonders for making the whole house feel warmer too. Are these things practical for everyone? Absolutely not, but they have really helped us in taking some of the pain out of winter.
  5. Have fun with it – Being a grown up in the winter doesn’t have to be boring. There are still plenty of activities you can do for fun. If not, create the fun activity. We just got back from the Chili Festival on Martha’s Vineyard. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel (off season so it was cheap), ate chili and drank with 3,000 other people in a tent. It was amazing. The weekend before we drank hot toddies in a homemade ice bar with some of our closest friends. In a few weeks is the Toboggan championships, we aren’t making it this year but that is definitely on my list to do one of these years. There is plenty to do in the winter, you just have to look for it.

That is it for now. Those are my top secret tips on how I have come to actually like winter. The season doesn’t seem so long when you are participating in it versus just waiting for it to be over. I would love to hear what you do to enjoy this chilly season.

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