Using Nerd Powers for Good and for Love

My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I like Valentine’s Day, I also have the bestest husband in the world. I think I always have liked Valentine’s Day. I am sure there was a rough year or two in there but generally speaking, I like the holiday. Some years my mom was my Valentine, Brody had a good run for a few years too. You can always have a Valentine.

This year I did something super nerdy but I wanted to share. If you haven’t gotton your guy or girl a gift yet, you may want to listen up!

I use a popular link shortening service for work stuff all the time, What it does is take a long website URL like http://www.ohmygoshinc/article/todaysdate/how-to-use-URL-shortners.php and makes them really small like That makes the links so much easier to share on blogs, websites, social media sites and more. You also can track how many people click on your link after you share it. Neat eh? Customize LinkThere is another feature in that I like, you can customize your shorter link.

So for our Valentine’s Day we went out to dinner last night. I took the gift I got Adam, found a link for it online, shortened it, customized it and wrote just the link on the inside of his card. His special Valentine’s link was He was able to use his iPhone at dinner and see the image that I linked to. Pretty cool huh? In a lame, nerdy way?

So boys and girls who haven’t got something for your sweetie yet – purchase something online, grab the link for the image of it, shorten it with, customize it and put it in their card. You will win some bonus points for thoughtfulness!

Bonus round – Google Local Valentine’s

So as I was writing this, I stumbled upon Google Local’s Valentine maker! Do you and your loved one have a special place? Where you first met? An upcoming vacation? Your first home? You can add the location in an eCard from Google. Add a personal message and send it off! Aww how nerdy!

I HAD to make one (or two – sent one to Jenika too)!

Adams Aruba Google Local valentineJenikas Google Valentine

Hope you are all having a fun, nerdy Valentine’s Day!

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