I Can See My Alarm Clock…

And 4 Other Real Reasons Why You Should Get LASIK Eye Surgery

Warning this post is long but I wanted to give some background on why I decided to get LASIK. If you want to skip right to the 5 reasons you should get LASIK click here.

Scary Eye Measuring MachineI have worn glasses since the 3rd grade, I think. They were cool. Pink plastic frames that covered most of my face. I used to lose them a lot. Summer camp especially. Once when looking over the side of a canoe and down into the lake *splash*. My mother wasn’t very happy. My glasses were expensive because my astigmatism was so bad I always had to have the thickest, most uncool lenses.

As soon as I got the go-ahead to get contacts, from said angry mother (who cursed me with these eyes, mind you – love you momma), I did. I again always had to get the yucky kind. The kind you wear for three months (more like 6) and they were really expensive too. They were thick and moved around a lot. They had to be custom made because of the severity of my astigmatism.

I was the girl that when I got a new doctor I got ‘oohs and aahhs’ at how bad my eyes were. A few times, a doctor would call in another or an assistant to witness the wonderment of my messed up eyes. Adam was with me once when my astigmatism was labeled ‘a condition’.

LASIK is scary

I had obviously heard the grossness of LASIK. You are awake while they tape your eyes open and they shoot lasers in your eyes (maybe it isn’t quite like that). There are bad sounds and even worse smells. It is a big deal and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. You need to come to this decision on your own.

For me, I had a really bad experience with a new eye doctor who could not get my prescription right. For the first time in years and years, I was forced back into glasses to avoid headaches, stress and the urge to claw my own eyes out. I went straight from a mean office assistant at this optometrist and made my appointment to get a consultation for LASIK. I hate to say I was pushed by a mean office assistant who had no compassion for what I was going through but for me, that was the last straw.

I made my consultation at EMG (Eyecare Medical Group). My appointment was with Dr. Sterrer. After the appointment was made I realized not only did he do my mother’s surgery (remember her? the one who gave me these bad eyes? Love you momma!) but he also played hockey with my husband and my boss. Hockey haunts me but that is a whole other blog post. For me though, that semi-personal connection with Dr. Sterrer almost sealed the deal. I trusted him to shoot lasers into my eyes because I knew if something went wrong, my husband would beat him up at hockey. That isn’t true but it was nice to have a personal and professional connection to him.

Dr. Sterrer was kind, answered all of my obscure questions (even the one about what happens if you sneeze during surgery) and had a humor about him that was calming. After the consultation we got right into it and set up the next appointments. Weeks later, I was going under the laser. If this is something you want to do, you should consider getting a consultation to hear more about it.

It WAS scary but after a long nap, I could see. Six months later I still see 20/20, if not 20/15.

5 Reasons You Should Get LASIK

So minus the obvious, being able to see, here are 5 reasons you should consider getting LASIK.

  1. You can see your alarm clock in the middle of the night – Once I wake up, I cannot get back to sleep for a long time. So when I woke up in the middle of the night and struggled to see my alarm clock, sometimes that would be the end of a night’s rest. Now I can wake up whenever and see my alarm clock with no strain at all and I can go right back to bed.
  2. Take back control of your medicine cabinet and travel accessories – It was so invigorating to throw away contact cases, contact solutions, boxes of contacts etc. etc. It took months. I kept finding them all over the place in the car, in every bag I own, in different rooms – they were everywhere. I don’t need them any more.
  3. Sports and activities – My contacts were a heavier plastic. They moved and wiggled a lot, especially when wind was involved. Sports like skiing and running and activities like boating have taken on a new level. I can go as fast or as slow as I want but I know my contacts aren’t going to shift and my vision isn’t going to get blurry. It adds a confidence to those activities that I didn’t have before.
  4. Opening your eyes under water – Ok this one I haven’t actually done yet but I am so excited to. Months before my surgery and months before I even knew I wanted the surgery I had the opportunity to go sailing in the British Virgin Islands. There are 4 things to do in the BVI – sail, eat, drink and snorkel. Snorkeling was hard for me because I had a bad set of contacts so either I would have them in and be uncomfortable or I could take them out and not see very well. I can’t wait to try snorkeling again and be able to really open my eyes under water.
  5. Feelings you hope to never feel again – There are feelings you just get used to as a contact wearer. Like wondering if you put your contacts in the wrong eyes, getting a bad box or getting the wrong prescription, a hair between your contacts, not having your solution and having to sleep in your contacts, the feeling of a pair that is a little too old, dry eyes at the end of the day and on and on. Since my surgery I have had ‘dry eyes’ once. Just once! It was cool to know it was because of dry eyes and not because I needed new contacts or the dozens of other reasons your eyes dry up when you wear contacts.

That is it. That is my top five reasons to look into getting LASIK. They may be superficial to you but they are not to me. The price to pay for a higher quality of life is worth it. For me, with my expensive, heavy contacts I will also make the money I spent back in 5 years (that isn’t including the cost of solution and cases).

What say you? Have you had LASIK? How has it changed your life? Have you thought about it and not done it? If you have questions too, I can do my best to answer them. I only hope this post helps someone with a hard decision.

6 Replies to “I Can See My Alarm Clock…”

  1. (Darnit all, I clicked the wrong post! Feel free to delete the other one!!)

    1. Thank you for doing this. It inspired me to get off my butt and finally do something with the fact that I bought nickihicks.com two years ago.

    2. Thank you for posting this. I hate contacts/glasses and, although I haven’t been suffering as long as you did (only since 7th grade for me), I’d still love to do Lasik one day!!!

    3. Great stuff, per usual, from you

  2. I did it inn 2001 and just celebrated 10 years of 20/20, I still need reading glasses due to my age. But it was worth every penny to not wear glasses all the time. Good luck with it.

  3. This is a great post and a must-read for anyone considering vision correction. EMG did my LASIK too and it was the best money I have ever spent. Yesterday at my six month check up I read at 20/15. Considering that my vision was worse than 20/400 it has been a life-changer. Congrats, Amanda!

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