I Cut Off My Hair and Sent it to Locks of Love

I brought it up once to Adam. I wasn’t sure until I sat in the chair at Envy Hair Salon. My hair was really long. The thought of cutting of 5-6 inches seemed selfish when you only needed a few more to donate to Locks of Love.

Ashley from Envy is fantastic

Braid for Locks of LoveThe woman who cuts my hair and puts up with my hair laziness is Ashley. She is fantastic. If you know her you should vote for her for the Best of Phoenix issue. She is talented, patient, kind, likable and I trust her. So much like the LASIK situation, when Ashley said she thought we would pull this off without a buzz cut, I trusted her and I was on board. Moments later she braided my hair and then snipped off the braid.

I was surprised when I asked her how often people did this she said she only does about 5 a year. I thought it would be more than that. She thought of it though in a nicer way; if each stylist a year gets five Locks of Love donations, that is a lot of hair for kids.

Donating to Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. To donate you need 10″ of hair (or an 8″ braid). My braid was snipped off, we put it in an envelope and I brought it home to put in the mail.

Adam’s creepy little pet

Adams Creepy petAdam likes long hair. I think he is glad he went with me so he got to be a part of the process and we made the decision together. After the braid was cut off he had a little too much fun playing with the huge hair ball. We started to call it his creepy pet.

Later in the day he sent me a text of his first walk with his creepy little pet. He is funny (and weird). We are both happy I did it and other than figuring out how to run with my new hair not getting in my face, I don’t see any problems.

The other reason that I did it

I miss my grandmother. We were really close. She died 10 years ago as of last month and it feels like yesterday. She died of breast cancer. Once when I was in college, right before I moved to Disney World, I cut my hair really short. I didn’t like it. You know how even if people don’t like your haircut, they SAY they do? Not my grandmother. She told me she hated it and I better let it grow back out. I wasn’t mad. She was right.

I thought chopping my hair off might get her attention again and let her know I still think about her all the time. This time though I think she will appreciate where I mailed my hair off to, especially since she had to get all to familiar with wearing a wig. I think she is probably pretty proud of me.

So that is it. I cut off 10″ of my hair today. It is only hair. It will grow back. Half a day in and I like the short hair. Again, might need to figuring out a new running situation because I can’t tie it back very well but I am sure I will figure something out. I am happy my hair is going to a good cause.

19 Replies to “I Cut Off My Hair and Sent it to Locks of Love”

  1. Your new haircut looks fabulous and what a great gesture to make a donation of a beautiful braid to Locks of Love!

    I love the story about your grandmother too. I did a similar thing one summer when I was staying in Switzerland with my grandmother. She wanted to keep all the hair I chopped off but no one had the foresight to braid it first! I think it was still in a box in her closet when she died 20 years later!


    1. Wow great story. Thanks so much for sharing.
      Braiding is apparently a very important part of the process or Locks of Love can’t take it.

  2. What a great way to remember your grandmother, and do something good for someone you’ll never know. Locks of Love is such a great idea, but it needs generous people like you to make it reality. Great story, Amanda!

    I agree with Josh: I like your new look! It’ll take some time to adjust to the “new” hair, so don’t be too quick to judge whether you like it or not. My mantra for the past 10 years is “any hair is good hair”! You’re welcome to borrow it if you need to (the mantra, not the hair).


  3. Almost 10 years ago I grew my hair out for the locks of love cause as well. So few men take the challenge and donate as it can be difficult in our society to accomplish such as task, but the trade off is an amazing experience including educating others to the cause.

  4. Amanda, your hair cut really does look great. Locks of Love is a wonderful organization. My girls and I have donated our hair to them several times in honor of my grandmother who too died after a long battle with cancer. My Rhody wore wigs to feel better about herself. My girls and I wanted to honor her by giving back to others that are in similar situations. You have given a great gift of love to a complete stranger. How could your grandmother be anything but proud and honored by your charity to others?

  5. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this Amanda.

    I’ve been considering a hair cut for a while myself. I have not had more than just a trim since my Father passed away nearly 20 years ago. . . he said a similar thing to me. “You had such beautiful blonde hair, why would you color it?”

    I think that your donation to Locks of Love will touch more lives than you will possibly know. Thank you for your inspiration.

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