FYI There ARE Still Some Good People Out There

The news is depressing. People seem to be letting other people down a lot. Mother nature is being a bitch lately. More people take, than give.

BUT apparently there ARE still good people out there

These good people are people you know and complete strangers. I have had the pleasure of two of these strangers in my life lately.

I have lost my wallet not once but TWICE in the last FOUR days! For serious. Have I mentioned I have had a lot going on lately? And yes, this is real blond hair.

The first time was grocery shopping. I carefully unpacked my bags of groceries in my car and responsibly walked my cart back to the cart holder. I also carefully left my wallet in the top compartment of the shopping cart. I went home, unpacked my groceries and began to make dinner. Soon after, I had a voicemail on my work line. It was a woman who had found my wallet with my business cards in it. She called my work number and left me a message letting me know she was placing it at the service desk.

The second time was today. I had a stressful morning at work and decided stepping away from the office, running a few errands and getting some fresh 40 degree air would help. After my errands were run and I got in my car, I called my mother. Ten minutes later I drove into a gas station and realized I did not have my wallet. What is worse, is I remember exactly where I put it last – on the top of my car. Smart.

My wallet made it as far as the corner of Preble and Marginal Way (not the best part of town) where it fell off and tumbled in the middle of a busy intersection for who knows how long. That is where a man named Gerard, who works at AAA found it. He stopped his car, grabbed it and he also went through it, found my business cards and called my work and left me a message. My wallet today had a hundred dollar bill in it and four $20 gift cards to Bard Coffee. It was a wallet worth stealing but Gerard didn’t touch any of it. He called and I met him at his office and got my mangled, run over wallet.

What did I learn?

  • I learned that I need to slow down, breathe and keep track of my things better.
  • I learned that I think I need a purse. I have too many things in my hands and I put things down.
  • I learned I have a patient, kind and loving husband who will help me look in trashcans on Marginal Way and not get mad at me for doing this TWICE in FOUR days.
  • I learned not all homeless people don’t have homes. Adam paid a man with a cardboard sign $5 and asked if he saw anyone with a wallet. The man was nice and helpful and even gave us his home phone number to call him later to see if it turned up.
  • I learned that everyone should have business cards and leave them in their wallet!
  • Lastly, I learned in a world where you hear mostly about the bad – there are some really, really good people out there who will do the right thing.

I leave for New York in 3 days and from there we go to Aruba for Emily’s wedding. I don’t even know if I would have been able to go if I didn’t have my wallet, my license, my debit cards or anything else that is in there that I would need. My wallet was stolen (actually stolen, not left in a dumb place) last summer. I think I am just now getting back on my feet since that happened. We don’t realize how many things we tie automatically to our cards or how hard it is to replace many of the important things we keep in there. I would have been so upset if I had to go through all of that again.

So thanks lady at Shaws and Gerrard from AAA. I really needed a boost in my opinion of humanity and I really needed my wallet. Thank you!

4 Replies to “FYI There ARE Still Some Good People Out There”

  1. I lost my wallet sophomore year in high school at a lake where we had crew practice. The next year it was mailed back to me. I didn’t even go to that school anymore and was living in another state! Still had all the money in it too!

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