How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love with Portland, Maine?

Photo credit: PhillipC

I love living in Portland, Maine. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I love it all year round. I think this area has everything I need – things to do, ocean, mountains nearby, lots of opportunity, history, natural beauty and culture.

I am excited to have a friend coming to visit me in a few weeks. She is coming for an event I am hosting and this will be her first time in Maine!

Which got me to thinking… how long does it take to fall in love with Portland, Maine?

My friend is here for a little over two days, can she be fully courted by our little city in such a short amount of time?

Weather will be a factor

A rainy long weekend could throw a wrench in the gears. I of course have a few tricks up my sleeve in case it does rain – like:

I would much rather prefer a good weather weekend for her trip – to really show Maine off in all of her glory.

  • We could get Adam’s boat in the water and go exploring in the bay,
  • or go visit my family on Peaks Island.
  • We could eat at one of the many restaurants on the water,
  • catch a drive-in movie with a few friends, dogs and a cooler with chilled wine.
  • We could just see the Old Port in its warm weather glory,
  • head to Fort Williams
  • or go play a round of Frisbee golf.
  • If we are feeling fancy, we could grab a martini in the outdoor seating area of the Regency.
  • Maybe there is even a Sea Dogs game that weekend?

Lobster bake at the OBriensIf we had a warm weather weekend, the hardest decision would be where to get ice cream – Reds, Willard Scoops, Beals or Mount Desert?

No matter the weather, there is always shopping in Freeport and I almost guarantee a lobster bake at some point.

I travel pretty often and I talk some big game about what an awesome area I am from. I just hope I can deliver the weekend my friend is here!

In other Maine news

I was so happy to hear Bar Harbor got some serious love from Trip Advisor this week as one of the top 25 destinations in the country. Not too shabby!

Lastly, if you are upset that this post is not about Brody – here is a picture of him from today on the back porch, eating a bone.

12 Replies to “How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love with Portland, Maine?”

  1. Two days is more than enough time and I LOVE all your plans. Can I tag along? The only thing I would add is if it is raining finding a great spot to look out at the foggy ocean and mist. That can be very intoxicating!

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