10 Songs That Always Make Me Smile and Why

Care Bear StareThere is no hiding that life has been a little rough on this chick lately. I am STILL fighting back and trying to not let the bad news take over.

My momma always said ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, shut your trap’ – or something like that. So instead of whining we are going to do the Care Bear Stare and talk about 10 songs that always make me smile and why.

1. Cecilia – Simon & Garfunkle

Ok, ok I have a serious soft spot for songs that involve clapping. How can this song not make you sing along and feel happy?

2. Two Step – Dave Matthews Band

Fraternity brothers in dirty white hats pretty much ruined Dave Matthews for me but this song still makes me smile. Something about the build up in the intro make you want to do a hippie dance.

I also had a beautiful roommate in college who meant the world to me and she really made me love this song. One day she cut her hair really short and I, completely unrelated and oblivious to the new hair decision, had forgot my class notes at home. As I walked into the apartment, there she was twirling, leaping and dancing her heart out and her new hair out in our living room blasting this song. I surprised her and she made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants. That right there is one of my favorite college memories.

3. Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations

This is another one you can’t help but sing along to. There was also this one time, I went a little crazy (most of 1999 I think I was actually insane) and packed a suitcase and moved to Florida to work for Disney World (about a 2 week turn around on this decision and moving). One of the funnest places in the happiest place on Earth is Jelly Rolls – a Disney run, dueling piano bar where I had lots of fun times with my roommates. Build Me Up Buttercup was an old Jelly Rolls standby. It sounds even better when you are tipsy on Bicardi Limon and Hooch.

4. Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder

I have already given this song some props before on this blog but that is because it is a happy and empowering song. Think there are lots of times when we all just need to pick up our baggage and keep on moving.

5. MMBop – Hanson

Judge and judge away but this is a fun song. When it came out I was in high school and Rickie and I would drive around in my Subaru Loyale (mine was black) and sing our hearts out when it came on the radio. We didn’t broadcast it to all of our super cool friends or anything but it was always fun to hear. Rickie will still text me every time she hears that song now. We think the last time she heard it was in a Staples.

When I got my freshman roommate assignment at UNH I got a letter from my new roommate. It was so over the top bubbly, I almost think she dotted her i’s with hearts. In it she said ‘my faaaavorite song is MMMBop by Hanson’. I was terrified! Such a public admission meant she must be crazy right? She wasn’t and getting her as my freshman roommate may have been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

6. Stretch – Ryan Montbleau

Another FANTASTIC opening – that guitar intro, piano and of course some clapping. What a fun song and with a chorus like ‘I’ll sing them my song, And I hope they sing along, I know they always sing along in my imagination’ how can that not appeal to a dreamer. This was my MySpace song (actually probably still is, I should probably log in and check that out).

7. Cherry Bomb – John Mellencamp

Disclaimer: I grew up on an island in Maine, in the 80’s. Life was different. I spent a lot of time in the American Legion when I was growing up. I loved the jukebox and knew every song on that jukebox. People who came to the Legion loved this song, the problem was… it skipped on this song – every – single – time. Until I went away to college, I don’t think I ever heard the end of the song! There was a whole 3 minutes left of the song that I didn’t know about. It blew my mind. The way the song ends in my world is with the woman coming in ‘The winter days, the winter days, the winter days, the winter days’ and then someone would bang on the jukebox and it would go to the next song. THAT is funny.

8. Life is Live – Opus

I don’t know what these guys are singing about but it is a happy song with… more clapping! This made almost every mixed CD I played while I was bar tending at Poco’s. Drunk people love this song too.

9. Use Your Love – The Outfield

This may be my favorite song ever. I am very serious. This was the second to last song we played at our wedding, it seemed inappropriate to be the last song. There was a time when this song was my ringtone, my alarm clock song and on every mix I made. It is best played loudly in the car while you belt out those high notes. Their hair is also freaking awesome.

10. Naive Melody – Ryan Montbleau cover of the Talking Heads

This song by Ryan Montbleau was the last song played at my wedding. Adam introduced me to this band and this cover is awesome. What a happy song that spurs up thoughts of friends and family and what your definition of home is.

BAM! Ten songs that make me smile! Take that bad juju. This was a fun list to put together. I may have to do this more often. I would love to hear what some of your songs are that make you smile!

Lastly, if you are upset this post is not about Brody here is a pic of his first post surgery Red’s doggy sundae and this is him thinking we made up the guest room bed especially for him.

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