Look Out World – Top 40 Under Forty! So Famous!

Famous ParkingOh 2011, you scoundrel. You sure know how to keep an emotional roller coaster going. This has already been a year of some mighty lows and profound highs. When one things goes down, another goes up.

I am now proud to tell you that I have been named one of Maine’s Top 40 Under Forty (you can read all about the announcement and event here). I will admit, I wish it was Top 33 Under Thirty-three, since there is no way I am approaching 40, but I will take it.

I do work very hard and it is really nice to have it be recognized. So thank you! Thanks for the support and thanks to the amazing people who recommended me.

I already had my really hard interview. The questions were tough! Really deep and reflective questions about where you want to be in 10 years and things like that. My brain hurt after. I have to go get my picture taken tomorrow. That will be exciting since I LOVE pictures.

One person will be featured each day. I don’t have any idea when my profile will run but I am pretty sure my mother and mother-in-law will let me know as soon as it hits the doorstep! When that happens, I will post it on Facebook and probably update this post so you can point and laugh at me.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Photo credit: vistavision

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