The Smiley Face Scale

Smiley FacesBIG conversation over the weekend on the smiley face scale. You know, which smiley faces (emoticons) mean what and what are the levels of their smiling.

We tiered the big 3 from lowest to highest:

🙂 [colon, close parentheses] – is your typical smiley. It means, I am smiling while I say this. It means, you can’t get mad at me for what I just texted because I ended it with a smiley face.

😉 [semi-colon, close parentheses] – is your winkey face. It says you are being silly, maybe sarcastic but you are too scared to not add the smiley for fear of coming off like an asshole.

😛 [colon, capital P] – is the ‘I’m so silly smiley’. It says ‘I am so crazy I just stuck my tongue out at you while I typed this’. It is a little over the top and Adam isn’t a big fan.

Of course there are thousands of variations of smiley faces but those are the biggest ones. Anything more than that in a text and you should be sure to lay the ground rules with the person you are texting or you could get yourself into some trouble.

Added bonus: I just learned this emoticon the other week
Conan O’Brien smiley face.
You are welcome!

Photo credit: South Carolina’s Northern Kingdom

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