You Say Tomato, I Say…

you say tomatoIt doesn’t matter what I say, but what does matter is our differences. Inherently, people are different. We have different experiences, different morals, different priorities, different loves and different fears.

Recently I have run into a few people and situations where differences lead to dislike and I don’t think it needs to. I love hearing other people’s stories and opinions and if I disagree, that doesn’t mean I don’t like you – it actually usually makes me more interested. I want to know why people think the things they do.

My favorite college professor spent many a lecture talking about ‘multiple truths’. You and I can go through the exact same situation but when asked about it, we may have a different story. That is because we brought to that situation different histories, stories and emotions. It doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong.

So I say you should own your opinions and your stories and not have shame in them. As I said in the beginning, I don’t know what this blog is for. I don’t have a goal or a purpose except to explore life as I am going through it. If that helps or entertains along the way, then I am glad I did it.

If it sparks conversation, controversy or makes you think about something differently then great! I will admit that is hard for me. I carry a fear of offending people, I have a need for people to like me but especially lately… I have felt a freedom owning my stories and opinions and hearing other people’s too.

In other/the same news… I just bought this poster for my new office and I can’t wait to get it, frame it and stare at it often. It is simple, yet beautiful. I like it!

Tomato photo credit: eyeweed

6 Replies to “You Say Tomato, I Say…”

  1. I LOVE this poster! I like the “stop searching for love and do THINGS you love” – I give this advice to my girlfriends all the time! Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  2. I posted that same poster on my tumblr a couple of months ago and it got more reblogs than anything ever before. Have you seen the lululemon one or the Vivienne Westwood one? I want to make my own personal manifesto too. It’s a lot harder than you think. Good luck!!

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