Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

social circle fortune cookieSo we are on month eight of this blog, but I have been around the blogging block for about four years officially and before that I wrote and published some random stuff here and there. If you are building up your online presence, starting a blog, trying to get more Twitter followers or fans of your Facebook page – I have a little advice for you: give credit where credit is due.

If someone shares something with you, gives you advice, lets you use their equipment, sponsors your event, suggests a book that changed your life etc. give them the credit for it. It doesn’t have to be grand fanfare but a link or a nod or a mention should suffice.

I had an interesting conversation this past weekend about bloggers and playing nice in the sandbox. The folks I was talking to were beyond frustrated at helping someone out only to see their advice posted on that person’s blog without even a nod in their direction. They will probably not be helping that blogger again.

Your network is sexy

Many blogs, especially business blogs, are written to teach you something and for the business to prove they are an expert in their industry. There is pride in having all of the answers and speaking in an authoritative voice. Being smart is awesome and it does close the deal but you know what is even more sexy? Having a huge network of people that you can collaborate with and call on for help in an instant.

In the blogs I write for and in my work, I will always tell you that if I don’t have the answer… I bet I can find the person that does and I can usually get it very quickly. Does that make me not as smart? I don’t think so. I think people, friends and customers value that honesty.

We are in a new world where barely anyone is solely responsible for their work and knowledge. We work in teams. We Google things we don’t remember. We carry our networks in our pockets (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email). An answer is within reach, at all times.

Adam is in week three of medical school and he was telling me even how surprised he was at how collaborative the learning process is. We heard horror stories of students stealing books from each other or sabotaging study guides so other students would suffer. Adam is learning that with online tools students share notes, resources they find online, practice tests and more (all legal and all on school resources). My first impression is yes, they need to learn all of this stuff but even how we practice medicine is different – their are new tools and resources online for doctors to use and collaborate.

So if someone does you a solid, or sparks an idea – give them the credit they deserve. I don’t care if they have 45,000 Twitter followers or 45, give them the nod they deserve and show your network how connected you are. If not, your network will eventually catch on slight after slight and you may find your network of good people shrinking, not growing. Oh and there is always karma.

Photo credit: Jeff Hester

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