What is Too Personal to Blog About?

plate spinnerRight now I have five blog posts saved as drafts in here and I can’t bring myself to hit Publish. You see things over in this camp are good but they have gotten harder. Since Brody has gotten sick, Adam started school, some health hiccups, new responsibilities and more have got in my way with normal life.

Managing my time is harder, getting my job done well is harder, nurturing friendships is harder, keeping up with my running is harder and I don’t see it getting easier in the near future.

So some of the blogs I have in here are about struggles, about things I am discovering and about how I am trying to spin the plates without any of them dropping. I don’t have solutions, I don’t have the answers and I don’t have morals to the stories. These stories are personal, raw, not as polished and don’t tie up with a pretty bow… so I have kept them as they are, drafts.

Why? Because I, like many other people writing about life, can’t see that line in the sand of what is worth putting out there and what should be kept as just a draft.

Photo credit: Marc Emond

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