Buy Good Halloween Candy – Do It For the Children

Grocery Store Halloween candyHalloween is so awesome when you are a kid but I have some concerns about Halloween these days for our youth. One of my larger concerns is about the Halloween candy we are handing out.

Back in my day (that would be the 80’s), one of the best parts about Halloween is those moments when you went home, dumped out your pillow case and admired your stash. Some years I remember being meticulous, sorting candy by types and other years it was just a mystery grab bag of goodness.

We all knew the odd folks in the neighborhood that handed out apples and raisins, home-baked good, pennies taped together, obvious candy left over from last Christmas and candy you had never even heard of.

The best and most exciting pieces were obviously eaten first. Your stash dwindled down until you were usually left with odds and ends like those fruity flavored Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes, Necco Wafers and some Wax Lips. That was the beauty of Halloween – the surprises of what you would collect while panhandling around your neighborhood.

This is my concern

We love convenience. We build our lives around it. Our attraction to convenience is possible numbing our life experiences. I know that buying huge variety packs of Halloween candy at BJs, Sam’s Club or the grocery store is very agreeable to our busy schedules.

Please consider this scenario:

  • You buy a variety pack of candy at the store
  • Your neighbors buy variety packs of candy at the store
  • The adorable and happy children then trick-or-treat in your neighborhood
  • The children return to their homes and inspect their treasure
  • They dump out their trick-or-treat bags and find… they pretty much have a variety pack of candy from the grocery store

If we keep this up, it may be more convenient to skip the costumes and trick-or-treating and just take the kids out once a year to buy a variety pack of candy at the store. That sounds fun!

What is the solution?

In the last few years I have started supplementing my Halloween candy. Of course I still buy small bags of mixed candy at the store. I also usually consult with a few children in my life to make sure we have what the kids like these days (I have it on good authority kids still like Kit Kats). Then after I have my base, I visit my favorite local candy store and stock up on some fun special candy.

Old Port Candy CoMy favorite local spot is Old Port Candy Co. I try to get some Halloween specific candy like those chocolate pumpkins just wrapped in tinfoil and a few Pez dispensers. Then I grab some things that I think kids may not see so much anymore like Bottlecaps, Nerds, Pop Rocks and a few Ring Pops. Finally I wrap up with some old favorites – Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Airheads etc.

The beauty of a good candy shop is you can buy candy by piece. You don’t have to get a giant bag at a time. You can grab a few things here and there, add it to your variety pack and BAM! – you have a sweet selection for your trick-or-treaters to choose from!

So find it in your hearts this busy holiday season to take the time to put a little magic in your Halloween stash. Do it for the children and for the memory of the younger you and how much you enjoyed the mysteries of Halloween candy!

Photo credit: Rrrrred

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