Some of the Littlest Things That Make My Life Easier

I am sure you have them, those tiny little things that you can’t live without. This post started with a tweet about a little green doohickey and then I thought some more about the teeniest things that make my life better.

Besides the little green doohickey… here are a few other teeny things I don’t want to live without.

  1. Cookbook holder – I love to cook and to try new recipes. Adam got this for me a few years ago and I was surprised at how much I like using it and how often I use it. I would recommend picking up a cookbook holder and if you are more hightech than me, you could get an iPad holder for the kitchen.
  2. Can coverBrody eats half a can of wet food mixed in with his food now. What the heck am I supposed to do with half a can of food? Picked up one of these little can covers and it is a tiny miracle. I grabbed a few more for soups, olives and whatever else that comes in a can that I can’t finish πŸ™‚
  3. Poo bag holder – Remembering bags, putting bags in your pockets, storing bags – ugh. My mother actually got these bag holders and they are awesome. Attaches right to the leash and bothers no one.
  4. Nalgene cover – Ever go for an aggressive drink out of your water bottle and dump water in your face? Yea me neither. That is a lie I do it ALL THE TIME. I guess I am an aggressive drinker. Now I picked up a few of these Nalgene covers and dump water in my own face a little less often.
  5. Binder clips – Not going to lie, I totally saw this on Pinterest but now I have this at my office and at my house – using a binder clip for your iPhone charger. Soooo darn clever. I haven’t had to climb behind my desk to grab my iPhone power cord in like a month!

Feel free to tell me some of yours – I sure could use some more easy in my life.

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