2 Replies to “I’m Not Ready”

  1. wow… there’s so much packed into that little sentence… I could write so much about it… Instead I’ll just say this. My 21 year old son is living in our basement, can’t find a job, wants to be a musician, spends his days writing/recording music. When I was 21, I was a single mom of a three year old, working full time to support the two of us, living on my own. Was I ready to be an adult? I guess so… not sure I had a choice, given my family’s class status and the expectations of that time period. Thanks for sharing this Amanda! You’ve astutely touched upon an important issue.

  2. It is important and true. You are not alone in the situation you just described. Everything is so different now – including when we ‘grow up’. This interview with Gaga was fantastic. The quote was in reference to why, with all her fame and fortune, has she not settled into some giant mansion. At the time of the interview she was sleeping on an air mattress in her parents house. So if Gaga can do it…

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