When Life Gives You Lemons – Make Lemon Flavored Water

lemon flavored waterMy life has felt a little bit more like a country song than the I would like it to be lately. My dog is gone, my hip hurts like an old lady, an unexpected death that leaves your heart sick, I’m not the millionaire that I planned to be, the other dog got sprayed by a skunk yadda yadda yadda… I try to take each as an experience that touched me, an opportunity to grow, a way to make me stronger but sometimes it just feels like a kick in the teeth.

I like signs. The most mundane thing can inspire you, give you an idea or in this case – give me pause to reflect and conquer my lingering case of the blues. The other day a large sack of lemons was on sale at my local grocery store. SIGN! Know what life?!? I am going to take these lemons you are tossing me and I am going to make lemonade!

So I bought the large sack of lemons and squeezed each and every one by hand. The squeezing of the lemons was pretty therapeutic so I was pretty sure I was on to something. I was disappointed with the amount of juice I got from a large bag of lemons but my mouth was already starting to water thinking about my good old fashioned lemonade!

I looked up a recipe for old fashioned lemonade.
Equal parts lemon juice, water and sugar – Holy shit!
That is a lot of sugar!

The plan was derailed. I don’t want to drink anything that is 1/3 sugar, no matter how many lemons life sends me!

‘A ha’ moment was reached though. No matter how bad things seem to be or how many curve balls you are thrown – you woke up, you have another chance, you have another opportunity and you don’t need 1/3 part sugar!

Lemon flavored water is much better for you. One small slice of lemon can flavor a very large glass of water. Problems come and go but in the scheme of things, your problems are usually just a slice of lemon in a large glass of water. So tomorrow I will wake up (at least I hope I do) and I AM going to learn from these experiences and hopefully good things will come from them.

Photo credit: Pinterest

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