My Name is Amanda and I am 33 Weeks Pregnant

No, you didn’t miss something, I just haven’t posted it online… anywhere. I have been telling people as I spend time with them, there were a few phone calls and a handful of emails and of course, at this time (or size) I am not exactly able to hide it… but no… this IS the big announcement. Some of us are just a slower on these things than others.

Why the slow announcement? I am not actually sure or I am not sure I can actually explain it – but I will try.

Early on there was the normal worry of miscarriage and complications.

Then there was the uncertainty (can I really do this?!) and I wanted to be more confident and know more before I opened myself up to the billions of snippets of advice that I knew would eventually come. I see mothers everyday and I am in awe of them – their patience, their dedication, their drive, their patience, their pleasant disposition, their ability to carry all the supplies their family needs like an alpaca making a mountain climb and did I mention their patience? Can I really do that, like them?

Then there were the things I wanted to do (after consulting with our doctors) that I didn’t need to hear ‘a pregnant woman shouldn’t do that’. For example did you know people think I shouldn’t go on boat trips, run, travel, work full time, get a puppy, drink coffee, walk into Japanese restaurants, be married to a med student, drive alone… and those are just the ones I have heard about first hand. There are plenty more where those cautionary tails came from.

Then there was the internal debate I had with myself about privacy. I made decisions years ago, when I got into my industry, how much I would be willing to share online. I never thought about growing a mini Adamanda in my stomach and how much they would want you to share online. What will little Adamanda think when they are 15 and see how much I shared or blogged about them without their consent? What even will the world be like in 15 years? Will they even care? Who knows.

So I am slow on the announcement but I am happy about it. We are obviously very excited and we have had a busy summer preparing, or ‘nesting’ as many people call it. We also have had our own time to talk about what we are excited about, what we are scared of, thing we want to do as a family and so much more.

Now that we are more confident, that we are more ready, that I have learned so much more, that we have connected with our friends and family, now that we have built relationships with our doctors, now that we have chatted with many of our friends who have children… we are pretty darn sure we can not only do this but that we can do this pretty well.

So now… now I am ready to talk about it.

Maybe that is why you have 9 months to prepare? Not only do you need to grow your baby, but you need to prepare mentally for so much more too.

27 Replies to “My Name is Amanda and I am 33 Weeks Pregnant”

      1. Hah- however you felt it didn’t come across that way to me. We’ll have to liven things up the next time I see you by swapping kid stories. Welcome to the club (almost)!

  1. Congratulations! Scary for sure, but you will figure it out. They don’t come with an owner’s manual, but you can buy one & make the rest up as you go. Have fun!

  2. Wow – big congrats to you both. Emma was a month old last week, and I am not sure we feel prepared yet. 🙂 But I can now change a diaper in the middle of the night. You made me smile big this morning – such wonderful news.

  3. Your Mom and her Mom are role models any new Mother can draw strength from; they are wonderful examples of unconditional love and that’s the most important gift you give a child (that and a name they can spell! lol). Congratulations!

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