Me and Snooki

Me and SnookiAs you may know, I recently ‘came out’ that I was pregnant. Since then, everyone has been so sweet and supportive.

Today though, I had to take this host body and drag it up on a stage to present at the Agents of Change Conference. Eek!

To address the ‘issue’ I began my session with a slide called ‘Me and Snooki’.

It went something like this:

  • She has really let herself go!
  • Yes, I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant (37 days to go)!
  • I feel fine
  • It’s a boy
  • No, we don’t have a name yet
  • Please don’t touch me
  • If something happens:
    • Someone get some hot water and clean towels
    • Please tweet my husband, @tweettweetone

Me and Snooki go to SXSW

That slide really helped me feel more comfortable with my news but there is actually more to the me and Snooki story. I found out I was pregnant right before heading to SXSW this Spring. SXSW is like nerd Spring Break. There are amazing companies, amazing sessions, and lots of sponsored and launch parties. I am not a huge partier but figuring out how I was going to mix and mingle at all these events and not have a drink was making me very anxious.

Fresh off the news that my whole life was going to change – I was packing my bags to leave the 5 people in this word that knew my news… to go to nerd Spring Break. To ease my nerves, I downloaded a few ‘How to Have a Baby’ books on my Kindle and planned to read them on the plane and when I was all alone in my hotel room while everyone else was toasting champagne and drinking margaritas.

The first book I read was awful. It was just not my thing.

As I am on the plane to Austin, this book tells me all about my pregnancy. In the book, it tells me that there will be a celebrity that announces that they are pregnant at the same time as me, that I will be obsessed with their pregnancy and I will completely feel like I connected with them. That week, hitting news stands was the BIG Us Weekly issue announcing that Snooki was pregnant.

So my celebrity pregnancy match was Snooki?!?
That was my first pregnancy/hormonal cry.

So THAT is the full story about me and Snooki! Nothing against her, but I really never felt uber connected to her but she was my first pregnancy cry. So I guess we will always have that.

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