What I Didn’t Expect with Passing My Due Date – Guilt

Late for a very important dateAs I mentioned yesterday, we are about as ready as we can be for this baby to join us… The problem? He missed his due date. As much as you know you can go over your due date and it is just a guess, it is still disheartening when you count down to a specific date and then watch it come and go with no baby.

One thing I didn’t expect with going over my due date is the guilt I feel. Starting about two weeks before the date friends, family, friends of family, friends of friends of friends, people online, are checking in regularly – ‘any news?’ and ‘did you have the baby yet?’

Then as the date gets closer, it amplifies to people telling you when you should have the baby. ‘You should have the baby Wednesday, that is my mom’s birthday’, ‘you should have the baby before the 23rd and then it will be a Libra’, ‘You should have the baby today because I put money in on the pool that you would go today… you don’t want me to lose money do you?!’

So for every morning for the last few weeks, I have a number of people I need to check in with and reply to that I still do not have a baby. Frustrating? Sure but I know it is just because people care and are so excited for us.

The part that is weighing me down is, oddly, guilt. I feel like I am letting all these people down. I am a bit of a control freak and I work really hard to make people happy. This is one situation where there is really nothing I can do to give people what they want. I just have to sit and wait… like everyone else to meet this little baby (who already seems to take after his father more than his mother).

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