Three Physical Ailments New Moms Suffer From that No One Warned You About

new momI’m a reader and a studier. If there is something that I don’t know about that interests me or effects me, I look into it. I love how-to books, business books and true stories about humans conquering new things. So when I found out I was pregnant, it will come as no surprise when I tell you that I read up on it – What to Expect, Bringing up Bebe, Eat, Sleep, Poop, Girlfriend’s Guide, Happiest Baby on the Block etc.

Some were good and some were awful but none of them prepared me for three physical ailments that I am suffering from. I thought I would help other new moms and moms-to-be so they can be prepared and know that they are not alone…

  1. Inability to stop rocking – Whether I am holding the baby or not, I cannot stop rocking back and forth. The rocking can be mild to severe and many times you won’t even notice you are doing it. A few ways to see if you are inadvertently rocking is to stand near a mirror, if your reflection is rocking… you probably are too. Keep an ear out for your floor creaking, the audio cue could alert you that you are rocking and be causing the creaking noise. You can also ask for help and tell a friend or loved one about your concern that you are rocking uncontrollably and ask them to point out if they notice your rhythmic swaying.
  2. Constant need to sing about daily mundane activities – I call this Snow White’s Disease. You will feel like a weird-animated princess when you notice that you have been taking your daily tasks and making them into stupid songs. I have made up songs about unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry and of course about changing diapers. My poor child will know the lyrics to ‘Please Don’t Pee on Me While a Change Your Diaper’ while other kids are listening to classical music and lullabies. Poor kid.
  3. Can’t wipe this stupid smile off my face – Maybe the most concerning of all is the muscle spasms in my face that make it so I can’t stop smiling. You body is ripped to shreds, you never sleep, you are still a little tubby from the pregnancy but for some reason you can’t stop smiling. Smiling at absolutely nothing. Concerning right?! This could be a phase.

There you have it – the three physical ailments no one warned me about. I hope this helps more of you out there who feel like you are alone! I have my follow up doctor’s appointment this week and I will be asking them about these. I will update this post if there is a prescription or steps to take to reverse these conditions.

2 Replies to “Three Physical Ailments New Moms Suffer From that No One Warned You About”

  1. Ha. I identify with that first one for sure – I find myself inadvertently rocking boxes of documents to “sleep” at work, if I stop to talk to someone while carrying one. Can’t…stand…still!

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