Oh phew! It is a Cat

monopoly-ironUgh this contest to toss out a Monopoly token and replace it with something new has been very stressful for me. I don’t understand why it is necessary to change a classic but hey, Uncle Pennybags (Monopoly man’s name) never asked me.

So the Facebook contest is over and the good old iron is out and is being replaced by a cat. The new replacement options were a robot, a helicopter, a diamond ring, a guitar and a cat. I guess the cat is the best option but it is still sad to see an icon go. I wonder if Monopoly boards with the iron will go up in price?

The iron wasn’t a go-to of mine – I am more of a thimble, shoe or dog person but it is still sad to see the old iron go. People identify with ‘their’ Monopoly piece(s). People who choose the iron are often women and very practical in their game playing approach. iVillage said:

You move toward victory in a totally organized, even-handed way. You’ll never have three houses on one property of a color and a hotel on another two—oh no, it’s all or nothing.

There are organized, strategic women all over the world today mourning their beloved iron. I guess there are probably cat lovers all around the world though that are celebrating.

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