I Think We All Need a Pep Talk

Have you seen this yet?

If not, you should. If you have, you should watch it again… or maybe you should make it your alarm clock in the morning.

We had another great Social Media Breakfast this morning. My friend CC Chapman came up for part of his Amazing Things Will Happen book tour. In his presentation he brought up this video. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

A few key points from the Kid President:

  • Stop being boring – you are gooder than that!
  • The road less traveled can hurt. Not COOL Robert Frost!
  • Be on the path that leads to awesome!
  • Don’t stop dreaming, unless your dream is stupid and then it should be a better dream.
  • Keep going, keep going, keep going.
  • We are all on the same team. Start acting like it.

Go be awesome!

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