Stars Trump Facebook – Hands Down

Calvin & Hobbes- Infinite sky and people

We recently had a friend from NYC come visit us in our new island home. I can’t think of more polar opposites than New York City and Peaks Island, Maine. I love both places so much. Adam and I both love the City but obviously, we have chosen Maine as our home. NYC will always be there to visit!

One evening as we walked back to the house after dinner and a few drinks, our house-guest was walking with his eyes straight up to the sky. Stars. Millions of them covered the night sky. They don’t have stars like THAT in NYC. No tall buildings obstructing your view, no light masking the brilliance of those luminous plasma clumps.

Then there were those great philosophers Calvin and Hobbes… When do we stop to really look at stars? I can’t think of many times that Facebook, television or my iPhone have filled my head and heart with wonder as a few minutes staring into a twinkling night sky. A little star gazing can do wonders for your woes. Your problems and drama somehow seem a whole lot smaller.

Man, that kid and stuffed tiger were smart.

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