Music Will Fix It

My brain has been very busy, spinning about big things and little things.
So life goes though, right?


Last night we went out to catch a really great semi-local musician, Ryan Montbleau, at One Longfellow. I have seen him a few times before and I think I love seeing him more each time.

I could say a lot about it, but I am going to opt to say just a little…
If you have a busy brain or a damaged heart or an ache to feel all the feelings or the desire to shake everything your momma’ gave you, don’t forget what live music can do to you. Music will fix it.

If you need to feel all of the feelings, I recommend this Fast Car cover from Ryan and his opening act from last night, Tall Heights. Feelings were splattered all over the floor at One Longfellow last night when they played this. I felt bad for whoever had to sweep all those up at the end of the night!

Some Days I Don’t Like Living on an Island…

Some days I don’t like living on an island.

But then… I sit on the ferry for 20 minutes and read, or talk to another islander or I just talk to Otto or… I stare off into space.

Then when I get off the boat and look back at Portland twinkling away on the other side of the bay… I don’t mind living on an island quite as much.