Greenwich Concours d ‘ Wha?!

I definitely wouldn’t say I am a ‘car person’. I like cars. I respect them. I like that they can get me from here to there. I even think some are beautiful. I know there is history and design behind every car on the road.

My husband is a car person. I have lots of friends that are car people. My son can say ‘car’ clear as a bell, even though he doesn’t say ‘mama’ yet (ouch). And, this weekend… I was at a wedding and I would say 95% of the guests were car people.

So much so, that our hotel was directly across from the Greenwich Concours d ‘ Elegance… and as guests of the wedding, we were given tickets to walk the show.

Much to my husband’s dismay, I saw lots of pretty cars… some green ones… some blue ones… and a lot of red ones. Makes, models, years… I got nothin’. But I know the big names were there – Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin (we were there on the day of the European cars).

As I walked around this show, and took a few pictures, I couldn’t help but think… ‘what the hell am I doing at the Greenwich Concours…’ I am still not sure how I got there but I do know I got these pictures. Vroom vroom!


2 Replies to “Greenwich Concours d ‘ Wha?!”

  1. I used to share your enthusiasm for cars…but, after living with my wife (of 18 months thanks to the great state of Maine) for the past 27 years, I have learned to see them differently. Not so much about the motors and torque or the turbo charge of these vehicles, but more about the beauty and craftsmanship they exhibit.

    Those photos are stunning…why? Because the subject is absolutely gorgeous! The curves and chrome, the shine and polish of steel and leather both lovingly and carefully restored to original beauty. They’re like pieces of artwork, these automobiles. When you think about when Henry Ford pulled the first car off the assembly line only 103 years ago for the “multitudes” and only one color to choose from, it is amazing how far we’ve come since then!

    Yeah, cars used to be just to get from point A to point B for me, but my wife has helped me understand their beauty as pieces of art and technological masterpieces. Maybe you can, too and enjoy a day at the car show with your friends and family.

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