Who Needs Two Reversible Belts?

How many reversible belts do you need?So after our car broke down .7 miles from our destination in Hoboken, NJ…
After a man named Pedro towed our car to beautiful Bloomfield, NJ…
After we realized our car broke down .1 miles from the Pilsener Haus Biergarten
After we schlepped all of our belongings to aforementioned beer paradise and camped out like Occupy Hoboken for the full day…
After drinking beers that I think were called the Gwen Stefanis…
After Adam dancing in the corner with said large pile of belongings…

We were walking to our amazing host’s apartment. Danny, our host, was stuck carrying Adam’s suit bag which had a strange and obtrusive weight at the bottom of it, which made it odd to carry.

Danny: What do you have in this thing?
Adam: My shoes. Oh and my reversible belt.
Amanda (in horror): You have reversible belt?!?
Adam: Well, yea it is like having TWO belts. I actually have TWO reversible belts and they are both in there.

I.. umm… but… who needs TWO reversible belts?!
How many reversible belts does a grown man need? My vote is zero.

If I Ruled the World – Bump Sign Edition

bump sign Richter scaleIf I ruled the world I would make a mandatory measurement scale for bumps in the road and the designated number would have to be posted on the bump sign.

What a good idea right?
Think about it… it goes like this:

Scenario 1 – you see a bump sign, slow down, look for the bump and after half a mile you realize you must have missed said bump and you feel a little dumb.

Scenario 2 – you see the bump sign and proceed semi-cautiously until BAM BAM!! You bottom out your car, your dog flies off his seat and your coffee spills all over the place and AGAIN you feel a little dumb.

Help a driver out – let us know what we are in for!
Thanks! Vote for Amanda – Future Ruler of the World!

Photo credit: Greg Timm