Music Will Fix It

My brain has been very busy, spinning about big things and little things.
So life goes though, right?


Last night we went out to catch a really great semi-local musician, Ryan Montbleau, at One Longfellow. I have seen him a few times before and I think I love seeing him more each time.

I could say a lot about it, but I am going to opt to say just a little…
If you have a busy brain or a damaged heart or an ache to feel all the feelings or the desire to shake everything your momma’ gave you, don’t forget what live music can do to you. Music will fix it.

If you need to feel all of the feelings, I recommend this Fast Car cover from Ryan and his opening act from last night, Tall Heights. Feelings were splattered all over the floor at One Longfellow last night when they played this. I felt bad for whoever had to sweep all those up at the end of the night!

Thank God I Never Found Someone Like You!

Oh that Adele song… it hurts to listen to is because it is something we have all felt at some point in our lives (if you have a pulse and a heart to be broken that is). SNL even recently spoofed it (song and spoof are below if you need a good cry or a good laugh or a good laugh AT a good cry).

I have had my heart broken before.
I have loved and not been loved back.
I have a type of person I thought I was looking for.
I have an image of what marriage is like.

And then there was Adam and my marriage. Thank God.

One of the first evenings I hung out with Adam, before the courting or the dating or the house or the ring… I said to him ‘YOU would be PERFECT for my friend Steph!’

Steph has a type and it is Adam. Big and strong, hairy, funny… but that wasn’t MY type.
Thank God Steph didn’t snatch him up!

What I have, I wasn’t looking for. Heck, when we met (or re-met) I had a bet with a friend to not date anyone for that summer. I wasn’t looking and this is what found me:

I have a man who thinks I am perfect, even when I am really, really not.
I have a man who makes me laugh and isn’t scared to be silly.
I have a man who likes to go out and DO things with me.
I have a man who pushes me to be greater every day.
I have a man who thinks we have a lot more living to do and a lot more things to try.
I have a man who has a wonderful family that love and support me.
I have a man who loves MY weirdo family and my little island.
I have a man who wants to be his absolute best for me and himself.
I have a man who is more handsome every day and smarter every day.
I have a man who loves my dog and has supported me in our toughest year but let me make all the decisions I needed to.
I have a man who will tell me I am wrong.
I have a man who is hairy… but I will have to learn to deal with that.

None of this is what I was actually looking for but I sure am glad I have it.

Now thank you Adele, for making me sad but then making me think. Thank you for making me very, very happy that I never found the someone I thought I was looking for.

Now here is the Adele song if you need a good cry

And here is the SNL skit if you need a good laugh at the good cry you just had